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Royal Academy of Dramatic Art

Columbia College Chicago


Tony Greco - The Method


The Second City Training Center


Instructors: Tim Hardy, Nona Shepphard, Joe Kloska, Suzanne West..and others.

Advanced Acting Shakespeare 

This eight week intensive course included 400hrs of classical English training in all areas of stage performance. The course encluded extensive physical training in alexander technique, choral singing, voice into text, intensive vocal analysis, period dance, stage fighting, character and scenic study, as well as in-depth textual analysis of shakespeare.  

Instructors: Anne Libera, Rick Walker, Sean Cusick, Joe Janes...and others. 

Comedy Writing and Performance 

This major included classes detailing both acting and writing on both stage and screen. Students studied sketch and sticom writing, sketch performance, improvisation, creating character, on-screen comedy, physical comedy and much more. Students are also given numerous opportunities to collaborate in creating and performing their comedy on screen and on stage throughout the course timeline. 

Instructor: Tony Greco

The Strasberg Method 

In this course, students meet four days a week, up to six hours each day, for a four week intensive. Students are given comprehensive education on the history and practice of the acting techniques of Konstantin Stanislavski and Lee Strasberg. Students practice their phisical and vocal technique as well as rehearse and perform scenes before the class gallery.

Instructor: Ranjit Souri

Improv for Actors

In this course, students are trained to take their previous understanding of character and performance and apply it to improvisation. Students learn to collaborate, worldbuild, construct believable dialogue with one another, improvise cohesive stories, and fully inhabit characters they invent spontaneously. 

Lavalle Actors Workshop


Instructor: Dennis Lavalle

On -screen scene Study and Private Coaching

In this course students bring independent scenes and monologue work into class and participate in detailed rehearsal, performance, and critique. Students also participate in private coaching in which they receive audition feedback, and private acting instruction one on one with Dennis. 

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